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AAK May Newsletter 2016

A new narrative in the agriculture sector in Kenya and in Africa is desirable. The nexus between public funding for agriculture and securing land rights for women has perpetually been a grey area. The

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AAK October Newsletter

Kenya launched the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) on 14th September 2016 with an appeal to all government agencies and development partners to work towards the realization of the goals. Goal 1

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#women2kilimanjaro Voices from rural women

This bulletin is produced as a joint effort between ActionAid Kenya, Activista, Daughters of Mumbi Resource Centre; GROOTS Kenya, Kenya Human Rights Commission (KHRC), Kenya Land Alliance (KLA), Kenya

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Strategy: Towards Achieving Women's Land Rights in Kenya

The implementation framework for the Rural Women's Land Rights Charter: 2018

Newsletter: July 2015

You will never know the riches that lie hidden in the soil until you quench its thirst with some water.Our agriculture projects in Isiolo and Mwingi counties have seen women living in poverty and

Resilient through the drought: Esther Ndavu.

As some parts of the country experience drought and subsequent food insecurity, Esther's farm is thriving even with the failed rains. She is not only producing food for her family, but she also has a

Susan and the Seeds of Hope: Once a Casual Labourer, Now a Supplier at the Local Market

Communities living in arid and semi-arid areas in Kenya have traditionally relied on pastoralism for their livelihood but diminishing pasture land and protracted drought attributed to climate change