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The Community Resource Persons (CRPs) Manual

The purpose of The Community Resource Persons (CRPs) Manual is to provide a reference point for CRP’s supporting AAIK’s work.It blends the positive experiences from Community Resource Persons (CRPs)

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The Status of Girls’ Education and Violence in Tana River, Kenya

The purpose of the baseline survey was to map out gendered patterns of enrolment, completion and achievement in 17 Schools in Wenje Division of Tana River County. The survey has been broken down into

IMF Policies and their impact on Education, Health and Women’s rights in Kenya

The popular version is part of ActionAid International Kenya commitment to document and disseminate the information related to the effects of IMF policies and their impact on education, health and


Extent and Impact of Stigma & Discrimination

This report examines the extent and impact of HIV related stigma in three districts in Kenya bringing together personal testimonies and quantified stigma that explore and represent the suffering of

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Tax Incentives and Revenue Losses in Kenya

This report by Tax Justice Network-Africa and ActionAid shows that tax incentives reduce revenues available to fight poverty. Kenya’s revenue losses from tax incentives and exemptions – as much as


Impact of IMF loan to Kenya

A Study analysing Kenya’s Foreign Reserves and the Impact of the $$760 Million Loan (From the IMF) to Kenya’s Development.


Give us a break-How big companies are getting tax-free deals

The research is interesting because it reveals that tax breaks on big companies’ profits cost developing countries US$139 billion in tax every year globally – money which could be used to improve

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'She Can' summary of baseline survey.

Findings of a baseline survey conducted in Nairobi and Mombasa on women’s safety, mobility, justice and services status.  The baseline is part of our implementation of a 36 month project funded by

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AAK October newsletter

Dear Colleagues, The theme of this issue is women and land and the role of “activista” in revitalizing women collectives.In the first week of October 2015, the news which dominated Kenya’s media was


AAIK Annual Report 2014

Kenya’s (AAK) programme achievements through this Annual Report 2014. This report will help youlearn how AAK is facilitating processes, working with women living in poverty and exclusion and other