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Vigilant In The Fight For Women's Rights In Kishushe.

Mary Vigilance is a local leader and member of the Sauti Ya Wanawake Kishushe Women’s Network, a movement of women human rights defenders and development activists in the County.

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Marafa: When Disaster Strikes...

As we descend towards the airport in Malindi, I got a clear view of the situation on the ground from the sky. River Galana had burst its banks, overflowing and spread over a larger region than what I

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A Woman Area Chief! Maka Dares To Defy Norm In Garissa.

It is during her stay in Kamuthe that the mother of six realized that women in the area were being oppressed. Their rights were being violated. Women were being subjected to physical violence from

Hard Work, Hope & a World of Strong Women: Isiolo.

Paulina Eken, picking vegetables off her farm in Ngare Mara. Photo by John Kisimir/©ActionAid Kenya

Resilience: Nguno Diversifies Her Assets To Defy Drought.

Having done early planting as advised through the Cash For Assets (CFA) project, Nguno harvested high-value drought-tolerant crops, unlike her neighbors who planted maize which didn’t do well when

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SDG-Ambassadors Case Competition 2018.

ActionAid Kenya is co-creating a vibrant network of social entrepreneurs (SDG-Ambassadors) who create gainful employment opportunities for youth and women living in poverty and exclusion.

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Mary Mulwa: Bouncing Back After Disaster.

“We have always been self-sufficient and suddenly found ourselves with no work and no support. It was a hopeless situation”

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Where Rains Bring More Than Water and Food: Ol Mukutan

Rivers that once flowed steadily are now completely dry with nothing but debris. The forest is a skeleton of its former self and the trees are dry with no leaves on them. The grass and vegetation that

Women in Marafa Entrenching Accountability during Disasters

My name is Benadetta Kavoo. I am a woman leader and member of Disaster Management Committee in Marafa.

Life in this community was hard for women because when our rights were violated, we did not

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Our journey in the fight against FGM: Joyce Charles' story

Before formation of Komesi Women’s Network, FGM was a rampant cultural practice in West Pokot. It was being practiced in almost every household especially when schools are closed. Women’s rights were