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Annual Report 2018: Changing The Story


In this report ‘Changing The Story – 2018’; we bring to you stories of change, transformation one life at a time. You will see in this report how individuals; women, girls, families and communities are changing their lives with the Community-led Participatory Change Plans where they collectively identify their priorities for development and use these plans to influence the County Annual Plans and budgets; you will realise how networks of women are slowly transforming into life-changing social movements to collectively drive their agenda, how they are challenging violence and unequal power, how they are building alternative livelihoods by adopting climate-resilient sustainable agriculture, you will understand how young wo/men are using innovation to create self-employment, economically empowering themselves and how they are taking leadership to hold duty bearers to account for the delivery of gender-responsive public services for their communities.

Download to read the report.