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Annual Report Brief-2009

A brief of our achievements in 2009.

ActionAid worked with over one million people in 2009.

ActionAid International Kenya worked with over one million poor people in 20 Development Initiatives (DIs) spread in 20 districts in 2009.

This report documents ActionAid International Kenya’s (AAIK) journey in search of social justice and equity in Kenya.

2009 was momentous for Kenya. The year saw the country make a big step towards realization of a new constitution. The publication of the Harmonized Draft Constitution of Kenya and later the Proposed New Constitution of Kenya are key milestones for human rights work in the country.

The year was characterized by a prolonged drought that swept away approximately 60% of livestock population. The drought further affected crop production as most parts of the country where AAIK operates, exacerbating food insecurity and eroding communities’ traditional coping mechanisms. Withover 10 million people affected, the government declared the drought a national disaster.

The economic crisis further precipitated unprecedented rise in food and non-food prices locally, with inflation rates rising as high as 18.4% in August 2009. This eroded the purchasing power especially of poor communities.

AAIK succeeded in mobilizing right holders to ensure entrenchment of basic rights and increased women representation in decision making structures under the Proposed Constitution.

The expanded Bill of Rights which ensures right to health, right to education, and right to housing is a major step towards equitability and fulfilment of rights for all Kenyan citizens.

Similarly, AAIK was active in preparing women to participate in the Truth Justice and Reconciliation Commission that is seeking to address historical injustices in Kenya.

ActionAid International Kenya will in the coming months build on this momentum to accelerate civic education to inform communities’ understanding and interpretation and ensure that the document is passed in the forthcoming referendum.

Internally, the year was special as AAIK attained full affiliate status. Affiliation gives AAIK new impetus to influence and shape national policy as a local, home grown Non-Governmental Organization.

The affiliation also reaffirms our commitment and passion to working with women and excluded people towards realization of their full human rights as Kenyans.