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AAK April newsletter 2016


Women hold the keys to economic, social and cultural liberation in our world today, hence their representation in structured systems is not to ignored .Empowered women have constantly demonstrated great responsibility and power to influence and demand for their rights according to our experiences in working with them both at the community and national level.

In this April 2016 issue of our news brief, you will encounter some compelling stories of women struggle for change. Notably, In Mukuru Kwa Reuben, ‘Women in Action’ network is fighting gender based violence while sensitizing survivors to access justice. Similarly in Kongelai, Jane Lokorungole rescued girls from forced Female Genital Mutilation (FGM)  and early marriages even at the risk of social isolation from a culturally conservative community. The approach to empower women is also demonstrated by Iloodikilani women network who are working towards enabling communities to recant myths on disability in  Kajiado county. In  Kuria, women have shown great achievement in bee keeping as an alternative livelihood.

 AAK hosted ActionAid International Chief Executive - Adriano Campolina as well as African Country Directors during the one African Country Directors meeting. Among the key issues discussed was a reflection on people’s action and drawing lessons that will  contribute to the Strategy Review/Taking stock to inform the future strategy, taking into consideration the opportunities and challenges that emerge in the African context . The team visited four sites where AAK works with partners to gain practical experience and learning that would feed into the discussions. 

 Due to the need to be more effective and efficient, to influence and lead in the formulation of the global strategy, AAK held  a staff re-orientation workshop  to develop and adopt partner-led programming at the LRP level supported by three Partnership Support Units. This is meant to contribute to the federation’s global strategy that focuses on women.

The effects of violence against women and girls has gross and long lasting impact on communities and must come to an end. AAK will continue working with women living in poverty and exclusion to drive change, secure their rights to live a better life. Join us in demanding for an end to this vice in Kenya..